Essential Rewards

Have you purchased a kit and want more?

Essential Rewards is what you need next!
This auto-ship program is the perfect way to get a little each month and earn points towards future purchases (that means free stuff!)

Wait, don't panic! This isn't one of those programs where you have the same things coming every month - Your date and items are FLEXIBLE!!!

1. Discounted shipping on all your ER orders
2. Earn points toward future purchases
         1 - 6 months: 10% earned 
        7 - 12 months: 15% earned

        13 + months: 20% earned!
3. You can change the items in your order as often as you like
4. You can change the date it ships as often as you like or just hit the SHIP NOW button
5. Only a minimum 50PV a month is required to keep your ER status
6. Monthly Free Promo items with qualifying orders - more free stuff!
7. Need to skip a month? Not a problem, one free in a calendar year & still keep the benefits level!
8. You can cancel anytime - no obligation/contracts
9. Save all your points or use them as you earn them - completely up to you!

Have a kit already - Sign into your office here to start: OFFICE
then just click Essential Rewards on the left to start the process.

Don't have a kit and want to start enjoying these oils: ORDER HERE

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