Monday, October 9, 2017

Convention 2017 - Super Cal Plus

Super Cal Plus
Item #: 20240 –$26.50

Bone health isn’t something that I have ever really thought of but apparently, it is the silent disease that effects one in three people. So I am going to start upping my bone health game and Super Cal Plus will be one supplement that I turn to. This isn’t just calcium it, also includes magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin K, and other trace minerals to help “support the structure, integrity, and density of bones and teeth.” Super Cal Plus also includes a unique “fermented polysaccharide complex”. This supplement not only helps maintain the bones but it also promotes healthy bones by supporting the body’s ability to resorb bone tissue and deposit new bone tissue. This supplement is definitely being added to my daily routine.

GLUTEN NOTICE: While there are no gluten containing ingredients used in the product formulation it has not been tested or certified as gluten free.

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