Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cough Drops - Homemade!

Three ingredients are all you need to make delicious cough drops!

1 Cup Honey
Thieves & Lemon Essential Oil
(I've heard of substituting Orange for Lemon and also adding Eucalyptus Globulus - I haven't tried these oils yet.)

In a pan bring the cup of honey to 300 degrees using a candy thermometer.  The first time I did this I went right to 300 - they were sticky and not hard - get it over 300 and keep it there for awhile. 300 is hard candy temperature.

Let cool but keep it so that you can still move the honey. Too cool and it will set be for you have it in a mold. Mix in your desired amount of oil - I did about 12 Thieves and about 7 lemon.

I used a hard candy mold the second time I did these - at the time I did these photos I didn't have one.  If you don't have a mold, I used foil paper and made globs as best as I could. The long one in the picture is the left over that I scraped out of the pan - my daughter called it the comet! When they are completely cool you can bend the foil back and remove. If they don't come off easily, no worries, put the whole thing in the freezer for a few minutes, they will pop right off when cold.

 I wrapped them in Wax Paper and twisted the ends. DON'T use wax paper instead of foil when they are cooling! The wax on the paper will come off onto the cough drops. 

You can click on the photo to make it bigger so you can see them better. The first batch was done at Christmas. They lasted thru January. My second batch lasted thru February. We eat one a day - all three of us  and I feel that it helps with keeping the colds and coughs away.

Cleaning up a pan covered with dried honey:

This is easy, though it looked really bad at first.  I put hot water in it and let it sit overnight - I dropped the spoon in that I was using to plop out the mixture. In the morning the water had melted all the honey and it was all liquid. I drained it and washed - super easy.

Here is the before photo:

 Thanks for looking and 
let me know if you make these and if you liked them.  

Please always use Young Living Essential Oils - I don't know about other oils, but I do know that Young Living is 100% Pure oil.

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